JellyBaby's Blog


Things That Make Me Happy:

Dressing Up, Dancing Crazy, Travelling The World…Or Just Travelling Round Britain, Making New Friends, Having A Laugh, Gossiping, Cups Of Tea, Chilling Out, Watching Movies, Lush Baths, Eating Out, Sunny Days, Going To The Seaside, Things That Are Bad For Me, Flirting, Reading, Writing and Generally Living Life To The Full 🙂

* You’d Rather Burn Out Than Fade Away? Well Why Not Both, I Plan To Stay, So Let’s Do This Once And Let’s Do It Right. It Won’t Last So Be Bold…Choose Your Path, Show Soul, Live Fast Die Old * – Frank Turner, Live Fast Die Old.

Things That Make Me Unhappy!

Bad Drivers, People Who Are Too Serious, Being Patronised, Being Skint, The Cold, Waiting For Things, Being Ill, Peas, Whipped Cream, Nuts, Boredom, Feeling Lonely and Russell Brand

Enjoy The Blog & Leave A Comment 🙂

x JellyBaby x


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