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Katie Price has left the I’m a Celebrity jungle, after being voted to do yet another bushtucker trial. The glamour model knew that she would be targeted to do the disgusting challenges by the public, but even she was shocked when she was voted to do every single trial.

Now she’s saying she must be the most hated woman in Britain, and having a look at some I’m a Celeb forums I definitely think she’s become a national hate figure. The decision to go back into the jungle has been met by criticism with many complaining that the show has become an extension of her reality TV programme. It seems like some people forget that it’s the public voting for her to do the trials that keeps her on our screens…

I’ve never understood why so many people have turned on Katie since her divorce from Peter Andre. Peter hasn’t been blameless in all of this. He’s constantly in the magazines and writing in his New magazine column, yet Katie’s the one who’s called a publicity seeker. Peter has released an album filled with songs that he says “may or may not” be about Katie (erm, it’s pretty obvious that they are). He’s constantly snapped out and about with his ex-girlfriend Mel B and zeleb Nicole McClean (who’s only really famous for slagging off Jordan).

Meanwhile, Katie can’t do a single thing right. She went on holiday to Ibiza and got drunk – this makes her a terrible mum. But why? The kids were safe back at home and just because you’re a parent it doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink every now and then. Why is it such a terrible thing to let your hair down after a divorce? At least she’s not taking drugs like Kerry Katona or Kate Moss.

She started dating cross-dresser Alex Reid. Apparently cross-dressing is such a taboo subject nowadays that he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near her kids. Personally I’m open minded about such things, after all we live in the 21st century. So what if a man wants to play dress up behind closed doors?

Then there are the accusations that she’s a slut or a whore for the clothes she wears. Yes, she wears next to nothing on a night out – but so do I! If she wants to show off her body in low cut tops or minidresses, I’m not going to criticise her for that.

Finally, there’s one thing I admire about Katie, and that is her honesty. She doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind, even if that loses her fans. She does what she wants; lives her life the way she wants to live it. I’m staying Team Katie – even if it’s getting a bit lonely over here…


I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is BACK, and I have to admit I’m really looking forward to this series! In the Australian jungle this year are the usual mix of so-called celebrities who would be lucky to be called Z-Listers, all prepared to take part  in the most disgusting of tasks in order to extend their five minutes of fame.

After the first two shows, there are some real characters starting to emerge and I’ve already decided on a few favourites.

Kim Woodburn is one of the most entertaining contestants so far. Anyone who’s watched How Clean Is Your House will know that she’s a very outspoken lady and is guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers in camp. Her manner of speaking and dealing with people may be hilarious but it’s already starting to grate on a few contestants. Perhaps it’s Kim, not Katie, who will cause the most arguments in the jungle…

Yes, Katie Price has returned to the show where she made her name all those years ago. When she first appeared on I’m a Celeb… she was known to most as a dumb glamour model, famous for nothing but her ever-growing chest. Now things have come full circle for her, as she’s gone from being a well-loved role model to one of the most hated women in Britain. The tabloids must have been gutted when she entered the jungle as she didn’t cause any arguments whatsoever – the celebs seems to have open minds and she’s coming across well so far, winning tea and coffee for the camp (albeit at the expense of their luxury items).

The only celeb who doesn’t seem pleased with her arrival is chef Gino D’Acampo, who is a self-proclaimed member of “Team Pete”, which isn’t surprising as he works with him on This Morning. He said last night that he’d prefer Pamela Anderson, so we’ll have to wait and see whether tempers flare between them. Gino seems to be one of the most popular contestants so far – although he comes across as being a bit of a whinger. He’s definitely one to watch.

Every series has to have some eye candy, and this year it comes in the form of Hollyoaks actor Stuart Manning. There’s already talk in camp of him and Katie getting together, so I guess we’ll find out exactly how strong her and Alex Reid’s relationship is. Stuart hasn’t really done much yet, but it’s early days. I just hope he does more than just sitting around looking pretty for three weeks.

Meanwhile on the girl front there’s eye candy (for those who remember her 80’s photo shoots) in the form of ex-glamour model Sam Fox. She did well in the first bushtucker trial and seems up for anything. Meanwhile, Strictly Come Dancing star Camilla Dallerup isn’t doing so well, suffering from low blood sugar and breaking down in tears. I feel sorry for the girl, but seriously, if she’s crying already there’s no way she’s going to last the whole three weeks. She seems like the most likely to leave in the first week.

The stereotypical older man comes in the form of “Hollywood legend” George Hamilton. (Is he actually a Hollywood legend? I had to google him…) He’s well respected in camp and doesn’t seem like the type to pick fights, so at the moment he’s coming across as a less funny version of George Takei from last year. Along with Kim, he was exempt from last night’s bushtucker trial vote for “medical reasons”. He’s sure to get a few votes but needs to do a bit more than just being harmless.

Another of the more boring contestants are Jimmy White, Lucy Benjamin and Sabrina Washington. Snooker player Jimmy was bookie’s fave to win before the show started, but that’ll change if he doesn’t start being a bit more exciting. He’s sure to survive a few of the vote-offs, the quieter ones always do, but he needs to show his personality more. Meanwhile, actress Lucy has barely said a word on screen and singer Sabrina isn’t the feisty girl the tabloids expected.

Interior designers Colin and Justin have an advantage as they’ve entered camp together. They already have the support of each other, but I wonder how they’ll react if one gets voted out before the other? Justin seems moodier than Colin, so I’d guess that Colin will do better – but it’s early days yet…

So far my fave is Kim – she’s hilarious! – but I’m liking Sam too after her attitude towards the bushtucker trial.

Who are your faves? Who makes you want to chuck your remote at the telly as soon as they come on screen? And more importantly, who will win?

Britney Spears

“Britney Spears mimes”. It’s hardly the most scandalous of stories, but Australian fans are angry after shelling out over £100 for tickets, only for the pop princess to lip-synch her way through her Circus tour.

Now there have been calls for artists who are going to mime through a show to put disclaimers on the tickets telling people that their show is going to be pre-recorded.

It all seems a bit ridiculous to me. I’ve always thought that if an artist has a tricky routine to master aswell as singing, miming’s OK. Who wants to hear heavy breathing down the mic as Britters busts some moves to Toxic or Hit Me Baby One More Time? Anyway, as many have pointed out, you don’t go to a Britney Spears concert expecting it to be live – you expect a spectacle – dancing, circus tricks, the general atmosphere of a great gig.

Perhaps it is a good idea to put disclaimers on tickets to avoid the backlash from a few disgruntled gig-goers. I’m sure it won’t have any effect on ticket sales and it would keep the anti-miming brigade quiet. Considering how much I’ve heard about lip-synching over the past few weeks, I think that would be a great thing…


It was news that struck dread into the hearts of tweens everywhere. Pop princess Miley Cyrus was deleting her Twitter account, and she wasn’t coming back. The reaction this caused was insane. What would her two million followers do without her constant tweets? One crazed fan even threatened to kill her own cat unless Miley returned to the micro-blogging world.

Twitter has been one of this year’s biggest success stories. It’s users update their followers using 140 word “tweets”, sharing both mundane and important details. It has also become a quick and convenient way for celebrities to share information with their fans, with everyone from Boris Johnson to Britney Spears having their own accounts.

But recently it seems that Twitter is falling out of favour with celebrities. Miley Cyrus deleted her account after claiming that she spent so much time updating her profile that she was forgetting to enjoy life. Lily Allen hasn’t updated her profile since September, and Stephen Fry threatened to get rid of his after someone called his posts “boring”.

Number one rapper Chipmunk has also expressed his frustration with Twitter, claiming that he was only going to use his account to update people on work and not his personal life as it was too easy for people to insult him and misconstrue things he tweeted.

That is where the problem lies. Twitter gives celebs a platform to reach their fans but it also makes it easier for people to reach celebs, and not everyone is friendly. Sending messages to the stars can now be as quick and easy as sending a text and this is used for good and bad. While many people use Twitter to send messages of support to stars, there are also those who use it to insult, criticise and be downright nasty to those in the public eye. While a celebrity could simply choose not to read a newspaper or magazine that is saying nasty things about them, it’s much harder to ignore tweets that are often sent straight to their phone. It’s no wonder that they might think of leaving the site.

Unfortunately, there’s not much they can do about it. Sure, they could block someone, or report the abuse to Twitter and get an account deleted, but the next day there’s bound to be someone else willing to slag them off.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future we see more and more stars getting fed up with Twitter. While it is an excellent marketing tool and a great way to keep in touch with supporters it takes a very thick skin to put up with being criticised on a daily basis. Who will be the next big star to “do a Miley”? Will more household pets be in danger? Only time will tell.