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So Dannii Minogue has announced she’s pregnant – and the baby’s due in the middle of the X Factor auditions. There has been no official word yet of whether she’ll be back mentoring for the next series, but rumours abound that she’ll be giving it all up to look after the new arrival.

This got me thinking of who I’d love to see judging on the show…

Perez Hilton

Blogger Perez may be one of the world’s most hated gossip columnists, but he’d definitely be entertaining on the show. With his own record company and a big interest in new music (it was through his website I first heard of the Saturdays and Marina and the Diamonds) he has the passion and the experience, and he would never shy away from being outspoken about acts he loved or hated.

Chris Moyles

Big mouthed Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles may seem like an odd inclusion on my list but he has the experience (he took part in a celebrity version of the X Factor) and with his DJ-ing background the knowledge of what sells and what won’t. On his breakfast show, he regularly comments on the show and he wouldn’t shy away from giving bad news.

Charlotte Church

Charlotte’s name is often thrown about when rumours start as to new judges, and I reckon she’d be a fab addition to the panel. Having sung since she was pre-pubescent, and grown up in the public eye, she has all the background knowledge of fame. Nowadays she’s a mum-of-two, but she is still opinionated and honest – two qualities needed in a mentor.

Mel B

Already rumoured to be on the panel of the new X Factor USA, Mel is an outspoken Leeds lass with plenty of experience of fame. Having taken part in Dancing With The Stars in the United States, she knows what it’s like to face a judging panel, so would have sympathy with the contestants, but her Northern attitude means she wouldn’t go given any no-hopers an easy ride.

Katy Perry

Singer Katy was a guest judge on American Idol and showed she was just as honest and frank as you’d expect from a girl who sang “I Kissed A Girl”. Perhaps coming over to the UK to judge X Factor wouldn’t be too far fetched an idea…after all, her fiance Russell Brand is British.

Zac Efron

Us girls have it hard with X Factor…while men have Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue to lust after every weekend, we have to make do with Simon Cowell or *shudder* Louis Walsh. So my final inclusion on my dream X Factor judge list is Zac Efron of High School Musical fame. He can sing, dance and act – OK, I’m not going to make any excuses, he’s only on my list because he’s good looking 😉

Who do you reckon should join the panel?


Heidi Montag has shocked the gossip world after revealing she had 10 plastic surgery procedures and almost died of them last November.

The fame-whore, who became a zeleb after appearing on The Hills, is no stranger to plastic surgery. But she has now sparked fears that she is obsessed with going under the knife after showing off her new face and body in an American magazine.

Dr. Frank Ryan, who performed her 2007 surgery, claims she actually had 30 procedures, including botox and breast augmentation.

She is now barely recognisable, with sky-high eyebrows and big boobs. Even her cheekbones look more refined.

She has also claimed that she almost died after the surgery. “I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did and my breathing was five breaths per minute which is like almost dead.”

“The nurses … had to put oxygen on my face and called my plastic surgeon to come in for an emergency.”

However Dr. Ryan denies that this happened.

Many are concerned that Heidi could be becoming addicted to plastic surgery. Tom Horvath, a psychologist who operates an addiction treatment centre in La Jolla, California, disagrees: ‘”Even though you had ten surgeries in one day, that doesn’t seem very far down the continuum [of addiction].”

To me, the most shocking part of this story is the fact that 23 year old Heidi has already had botox.

At 23, surely the only wrinkles you get are the odd crinkle around the eyes when you smile? Surely no-one would even consider it, let alone get it, before they’re at least in their late 30’s or early 40’s and start noticing a few lines?

Not that I even understand the obsession with botox. Why inject yourself with poison, freezing your face until no-one can tell what mood you’re in because you constantly look surprised?

Simply looking younger won’t help you when you start getting aches and pains from old age. It won’t save you from alzheimers, dementia, arthritis, diabetes or cancer. Will having skin like a 20 year old make you feel any better when you can’t move without a walking stick and need assistance to get in and out of the bath? No.

Heidi has said she had her surgery to remain c0mpetitive in showbusiness, as her album, ironically named Superficial, only sold 700 copies. And she’s already considering another boob job to take her up to a whopping H Cup (the H is for Heidi, by the way).

It’s a pity really. All that money spent on surgery, but it can’t buy her the two things she really needs – talent or brains!

It’s been a long few months of X Factor. We’ve followed the good, the bad and the ugly from the new look auditions, through bootcamp and the “judges houses” stages through to the live finals and this weekend, we will discover who wins the coveted title of X Factor winner 2009.

If rumours are to be believed, this Christmas will see The Climb, originally sung by Miley Cyrus, top the charts. But will it be Stacey Solomon, Joe McElderry or Olly Murs doing the vocals?

The favourite to win is Joe McElderry, the sweetie from South Shields. Despite having arguably the best vocals and being one of the most consistent performers he’s flown under the radar so far. As the contestants dwindled one by one, Joe has become one of the most popular contestants and a win could be on the cards. Much as I love Joe and think he has an amazing voice, I do worry that he’s more suited to musical theatre than the world of pop.

Next up is Stacey Solomon, the Dagenham diva with a dippy personality and the voice of an angel. Of all three contestants I see her having the best post-X Factor career, due to her versatile voice. But many find her irritating thanks to her over-excitedness. Could her personality be her downfall?

Finally there’s Olly Murs, the Essex cheeky chappie who, like Joe, has been the underdog so far. He’s survived singing early in nearly all the live shows to make it to the final, despite a slip up two weeks ago where he found himself in the sing off with John and Edward. No act who’s been in the bottom two has ever made it to win the competetion, but could Olly be the first? Perhaps with voters thinking a Joe win is a foregone conclusion, Olly will benefit from fans thinking he’s in danger.

My prediction? I think Joe will be the one with the number one this Christmas; but Stacey is still my favourite. Who do you reckon will win?

1. Who Joe Bugner is…and I’ve also learnt that he’s not a very nice man. He criticised Sabrina’s cooking, saying that she should have stuck with doing the washing up, yet doesn’t seem keen to do the cooking himself.

2. That Kim and Aggie don’t get on. I can’t believe it! I’ll never be able to watch How Clean Is Your House in the same way again!

3. That Kim Woodburn is completely nuts. She talks incessantly even to inanimate objects…

4. …and she’s very argumentative. Not content with saying her point and letting it lie, she goes on and on and on and on…

5. Camilla Dallerup is a bit of a whinger. On the show she couldn’t stop crying, and now that she’s off she can’t stop complaining about the way she was portrayed. Perhaps if she’d stayed more than three days that would have been different.

6. Colin and Justin are lovely guys. Colin comes across as being funny and loveable while Justin has a wise head on his shoulders. His advice to Kim to not let bully Joe become the bullied was very sensible.

7. Katie Price doesn’t have the guts she used to have…

8. Gino is basically one walking Italian stereotype!

9. Jimmy White uses the term “poor cow” in a sympathetic way.

10. Rat tastes quite good

11. Sabrina Washington and Stuart Manning are actually pretty dull

12. After a promising first episode Sam Fox has turned out to be a bit boring.

13. Katie Price is a terrible mum for leaving her kids to go to the jungle, but Lucy Benjamin deserves our sympathy for leaving her three year old.

14. George Hamilton is exempt from pretty much everything. I guess this is down to the bandaging on his arm…

15. …but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the more mischeivous campmates.

16. He’s also particularly talented at knowing when an hour has past.

17. And finally…I’m a Celeb has been going on for years, but that doesn’t stop me from getting completely and utterly addicted!

Katie Price has left the I’m a Celebrity jungle, after being voted to do yet another bushtucker trial. The glamour model knew that she would be targeted to do the disgusting challenges by the public, but even she was shocked when she was voted to do every single trial.

Now she’s saying she must be the most hated woman in Britain, and having a look at some I’m a Celeb forums I definitely think she’s become a national hate figure. The decision to go back into the jungle has been met by criticism with many complaining that the show has become an extension of her reality TV programme. It seems like some people forget that it’s the public voting for her to do the trials that keeps her on our screens…

I’ve never understood why so many people have turned on Katie since her divorce from Peter Andre. Peter hasn’t been blameless in all of this. He’s constantly in the magazines and writing in his New magazine column, yet Katie’s the one who’s called a publicity seeker. Peter has released an album filled with songs that he says “may or may not” be about Katie (erm, it’s pretty obvious that they are). He’s constantly snapped out and about with his ex-girlfriend Mel B and zeleb Nicole McClean (who’s only really famous for slagging off Jordan).

Meanwhile, Katie can’t do a single thing right. She went on holiday to Ibiza and got drunk – this makes her a terrible mum. But why? The kids were safe back at home and just because you’re a parent it doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink every now and then. Why is it such a terrible thing to let your hair down after a divorce? At least she’s not taking drugs like Kerry Katona or Kate Moss.

She started dating cross-dresser Alex Reid. Apparently cross-dressing is such a taboo subject nowadays that he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near her kids. Personally I’m open minded about such things, after all we live in the 21st century. So what if a man wants to play dress up behind closed doors?

Then there are the accusations that she’s a slut or a whore for the clothes she wears. Yes, she wears next to nothing on a night out – but so do I! If she wants to show off her body in low cut tops or minidresses, I’m not going to criticise her for that.

Finally, there’s one thing I admire about Katie, and that is her honesty. She doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind, even if that loses her fans. She does what she wants; lives her life the way she wants to live it. I’m staying Team Katie – even if it’s getting a bit lonely over here…

I’m a Jedward fan. That’s something I never thought I’d say but I have to admit that the twins from Dublin have won me over during their longer than anticipated stay on the X Factor. Sadly they left the show on Sunday after a sing off against Olly Murs, but you’re sure to see more of them in the future. Whether they become the new Ant and Dec or the male version of the Cheeky Girls remains to be seen…

The boys were definitely a marmite act – you either love ’em or hate ’em – but here are the reasons why they will be missed…

1. They’re funny

John and Edward have a self-deprecating sense of humour and aren’t afraid to have a laugh. In their first audition, when asked why they wanted to be singers they didn’t give the usual cliched, cheesy lines about wanting to save the world or be the next Mariah. No, Jedward admitted they wanted the girls. When wished a happy birthday by Whitney Houston she asked how old they were: “18,” they replied, “and still no sign of facial hair”.

2. The outfits

Whether dressed in shiny red suits in homage to Britney Spears or dressing up as Ghostbusters for movie week, Jed’s outfits were bizarre yet completely genius.

3. The hair

Even David Beckham takes style advice from the twins...


Cheryl and Dannii may be the style queens of the show but when it comes to hair, Jedward were the ones we were all talking about.






4. They’re tough

Even before their first performance in the live shows, Jedward were the villains of the X Factor. Not only did they have to deal with Facebook hate campaigns and bad press but they also had to perform week-upon-week to a crowd of booing yobs. If I was subject to the kind of abuse they’ve experienced I’d have driven off a cliff by now, but every week they boys got out there and gave it their all.

5. They made me laugh

Yes, Stacey gives funny interviews, and yes, Joe’s got an amazing voice, but when it came to the live performances there was one act I wanted to see – Jedward. If I missed a show I wouldn’t bother you-tubing the rest of the acts. The twins were the only act that got me laughing week upon week, and in the depressing world we live in, that’s a good thing.

6. They got everyone talking

Following each show, Jedward were the one act everyone would be talking about. They regularly made it to the trending topics on Twitter and caused more controversy on my Facebook newsfeed than Nick Griffin on Question Time. What will I talk about down the pub now?!

7. They showed the judges for what they really are…

Dannii and Cheryl had no problems putting them through to bootcamp and they wouldn’t have made it to the final 24 if it wasn’t for the judges putting them there. In the live shows they both admitted they found them entertaining, yet when they made it through over their own acts, the sweet masks dropped. When Rikki Loney left the show in week two, Cheryl said: “I can’t believe John and Edward are still here and Rikki’s leaving”. When Lucie left the show in a controversial deadlock vote against the twins, Dannii wished all the “good singers” luck in the competition. Even when Dannii had the casting vote last night she took the opportunity to kick the boys while they were down, repeatedly asking if it was a singing competition. Why couldn’t she just say “well done, good luck, but I’m sending home the boys”? I usually like Dannii and think she’s got the most integrity of all the judges, but at that moment she came across as bitter and lacking class.

Will Jedward make it in the world of celebrity? Or will they dissappear back over the Irish sea and into the world of X Factor failures? What do you reckon?

Dancer Camilla Dallerup has left I’m a Celebrity after only surviving in the jungle for three days.

In yesterday’s post I speculated that she would leave the show after breaking down in tears and suffering from low blood sugar. It seems that I may have a sixth sense as this morning ITV announced that she has quit. She will be replaced by ex-boxer Joe Bugner.

I never understand why people quit after only a few days…surely she’s seen the show? What was she expecting, a five star meal cooked for her every evening and a room in a luxury hotel every night? I know it’s not easy but it’s not as though she didn’t know what the show is like.

Tonight on the show Katie Price will be undertaking another bushtucker trial and we will hear all the details about Camilla’s exit and Joe’s arrival.