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It’s been a long few months of X Factor. We’ve followed the good, the bad and the ugly from the new look auditions, through bootcamp and the “judges houses” stages through to the live finals and this weekend, we will discover who wins the coveted title of X Factor winner 2009.

If rumours are to be believed, this Christmas will see The Climb, originally sung by Miley Cyrus, top the charts. But will it be Stacey Solomon, Joe McElderry or Olly Murs doing the vocals?

The favourite to win is Joe McElderry, the sweetie from South Shields. Despite having arguably the best vocals and being one of the most consistent performers he’s flown under the radar so far. As the contestants dwindled one by one, Joe has become one of the most popular contestants and a win could be on the cards. Much as I love Joe and think he has an amazing voice, I do worry that he’s more suited to musical theatre than the world of pop.

Next up is Stacey Solomon, the Dagenham diva with a dippy personality and the voice of an angel. Of all three contestants I see her having the best post-X Factor career, due to her versatile voice. But many find her irritating thanks to her over-excitedness. Could her personality be her downfall?

Finally there’s Olly Murs, the Essex cheeky chappie who, like Joe, has been the underdog so far. He’s survived singing early in nearly all the live shows to make it to the final, despite a slip up two weeks ago where he found himself in the sing off with John and Edward. No act who’s been in the bottom two has ever made it to win the competetion, but could Olly be the first? Perhaps with voters thinking a Joe win is a foregone conclusion, Olly will benefit from fans thinking he’s in danger.

My prediction? I think Joe will be the one with the number one this Christmas; but Stacey is still my favourite. Who do you reckon will win?


I’m a Jedward fan. That’s something I never thought I’d say but I have to admit that the twins from Dublin have won me over during their longer than anticipated stay on the X Factor. Sadly they left the show on Sunday after a sing off against Olly Murs, but you’re sure to see more of them in the future. Whether they become the new Ant and Dec or the male version of the Cheeky Girls remains to be seen…

The boys were definitely a marmite act – you either love ’em or hate ’em – but here are the reasons why they will be missed…

1. They’re funny

John and Edward have a self-deprecating sense of humour and aren’t afraid to have a laugh. In their first audition, when asked why they wanted to be singers they didn’t give the usual cliched, cheesy lines about wanting to save the world or be the next Mariah. No, Jedward admitted they wanted the girls. When wished a happy birthday by Whitney Houston she asked how old they were: “18,” they replied, “and still no sign of facial hair”.

2. The outfits

Whether dressed in shiny red suits in homage to Britney Spears or dressing up as Ghostbusters for movie week, Jed’s outfits were bizarre yet completely genius.

3. The hair

Even David Beckham takes style advice from the twins...


Cheryl and Dannii may be the style queens of the show but when it comes to hair, Jedward were the ones we were all talking about.






4. They’re tough

Even before their first performance in the live shows, Jedward were the villains of the X Factor. Not only did they have to deal with Facebook hate campaigns and bad press but they also had to perform week-upon-week to a crowd of booing yobs. If I was subject to the kind of abuse they’ve experienced I’d have driven off a cliff by now, but every week they boys got out there and gave it their all.

5. They made me laugh

Yes, Stacey gives funny interviews, and yes, Joe’s got an amazing voice, but when it came to the live performances there was one act I wanted to see – Jedward. If I missed a show I wouldn’t bother you-tubing the rest of the acts. The twins were the only act that got me laughing week upon week, and in the depressing world we live in, that’s a good thing.

6. They got everyone talking

Following each show, Jedward were the one act everyone would be talking about. They regularly made it to the trending topics on Twitter and caused more controversy on my Facebook newsfeed than Nick Griffin on Question Time. What will I talk about down the pub now?!

7. They showed the judges for what they really are…

Dannii and Cheryl had no problems putting them through to bootcamp and they wouldn’t have made it to the final 24 if it wasn’t for the judges putting them there. In the live shows they both admitted they found them entertaining, yet when they made it through over their own acts, the sweet masks dropped. When Rikki Loney left the show in week two, Cheryl said: “I can’t believe John and Edward are still here and Rikki’s leaving”. When Lucie left the show in a controversial deadlock vote against the twins, Dannii wished all the “good singers” luck in the competition. Even when Dannii had the casting vote last night she took the opportunity to kick the boys while they were down, repeatedly asking if it was a singing competition. Why couldn’t she just say “well done, good luck, but I’m sending home the boys”? I usually like Dannii and think she’s got the most integrity of all the judges, but at that moment she came across as bitter and lacking class.

Will Jedward make it in the world of celebrity? Or will they dissappear back over the Irish sea and into the world of X Factor failures? What do you reckon?

This time last year, the great British public were still in shock after X Factor fave Laura White was voted off the show. The reaction to her elimination was unbelievable. Over 50,000 people signed a petition to have her reinstated and she was even mentioned in the houses of parliament.

A year on, and it’s hard to believe that outrage even happened. After being signed by an independent label, she released her first single, You Should Have Known. Despite being a strong debut – edgy, current and full of attitude – she unfortunately failed to receive the support of the public. The single never made it onto the Radio 1 playlist and only managed on week in the charts at number 32.

I really like the single and think it’s a real shame that the support she recieved on the X Factor didn’t continue into 2009. With Alexandra Burke, JLS, Leona Lewis and her own mentor Cheryl Cole doing well from the show it’s obvious that it’s a great platform for artists but she suffered from a lack of publicity and support from major radio stations. This doesn’t bode well for acts such as Miss Frank and Lucie Jones who’s evictions from the current series also provoked outrage from the public.

I wish Laura the best of luck; I’m interested in hearing about plans for a new single or album and I hope that as time goes by the public get behind her once again. But in the cut-throat world of the music industry, I’m not holding my breath.


Never have I been so entertained on a Sunday night as I was during yesterday’s X Factor. I was on the edge of my seat as Dermot read out the name’s of those who were safe. When John and Edward found themselves in the bottom two along with Welsh warbler Lucie Jones my heart sank – surely they would be on the plane back to Dublin first thing Monday morning, leaving my Saturday night viewing a lot bleaker. After all, the judges had done nothing but complain about the twins ever since they first appeared on screen. This was the perfect opportunity for them to get rid of the terrible twosome.

After a sing off that saw Lucie perform One Moment In Time, while Jedward bounced around the stage to Rock DJ, the time had come for the judges to make their final decision.

The twins’ mentor Louis Walsh understandable voted to save his own act, as did Dannie Minogue who has mentored Lucie.

Cheryl smiled as she saved Lucie, then the camera spun to Simon Cowell.

As usual, Simon used this opportunity to criticise both acts, saying that neither of them had the talent necessary to win the competition, before spinning out his piece for tension – even though the majority of the UK were already up making cuppas and not expecting for a moment that anyone other than the boys would go home.

Tension built as Simon discussed his decision. My hand was over my mouth – was he seriously thinking of going to (dun-dun-dun) DEADLOCK?

Dannii pleaded with him not to. Louis could barely sit still with excitement. And then Simon decided – he was going back to the public vote. Boos filled the studio as Dermot was handed the silver envelope we are so used to seeing this series. Lucie, who was previously smiling, obviously sure that she would be safe, now looked like she was going to throw up. Jedward were even paler than the usually are. My heart was in my mouth. Would the boys be saved?!

Finally Dermot announced the news that Lucie was the contestant who’d polled the fewest votes. Oh, the shock! The uproar! The boos!

Following the shock exit, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were red hot with complaints about her controversial exit. Most expressed their shock that the twins’ had survived, with people calling Simon “cunning” and accusing him of keeping the twins in the show to further the success of his own three acts. The X Factor forum at was disabled due to the number of angry comments and fans of the show are even claiming that they will boycott the show in a protest against Simon.

When people complain against shock exits like these I have to wonder how many of them actually understand how the X Factor works. You see, angry people, you have to vote for your favourite act, and if they don’t get enough votes they end up leaving the show. I wonder how many of the people complaining about Simon actually bothered picking up the phone to support Lucie in the first place? Surely if everyone who has complained had actually made an effort to vote in the first place she would have been safe? There’s no point in complaining – we all had the opportunity to keep her in the show but at the end of the day the support wasn’t enough. The great British public only have themselves to blame.

Wow…the X Factor’s PR people must have been working overtime this week! After a shock sing off just over a week ago, that saw former favourite Danyl Johnson in the bottom two against girlband Miss Frank, the X Factor has rarely been off the front pages.

First, reports were leaked claiming that John and Edward, the Dublin twins that everyone loves to hate, had been top of the votes. But THEN, reports claimed that it was in fact Rachel Adedeji, who had already been in the bottom two for two weeks running, who’d won the most votes.

Then there were the rumours. Simon Cowell had already blamed stories of Danyl bullying other contestants for his drop in popularity. Was it more than just a coincidence that last week saw claims of the twins performing “lewd acts” at the window of the X Factor house?

On internet forums it’s clear that the majority of people think this is all Simon’s doing. He’s championed Danyl since the first show, calling his audition one of the best he’s ever seen and giving him constant standing ovations. When Dannii Minogue made comments about his sexuality Simon milked it for all he was worth. Now that his chosen one isn’t doing so well he’s gone on the warpath.

But I don’t think this sounds quite right. Simon’s a clever man. He knows what acts people tune in for and who people vote for. He knows that John and Edward are entertaining. If he didn’t want them on the show he’d ban any big performances. The day they stand on stage with no dancers, funny costumes, or props, is the day that Simon’s had enough, and the day that they will go home.

Of course this doesn’t cheer up the fans of Rachel Adedeji, Miss Frank, Rikki Loney and Kandy Rain, who saw their favourites leave the competition before the gruesome twosome. But if they’re truly talented, they’ll hit the big time regardless – and until them I’m going to let the twins entertain me.