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Apple recently unveiled their newest gadget – the iPad. A mix between a laptop and an iPod Touch, it enables the user to surf the internet, send and read emails, watch movies and read books, all on the same screen.

Nowadays, browsing the internet wherever you are, on phone or wi-fi enabled laptop is something pretty common, but reading books on a handheld gadget isn’t such a usual sight. Depsite the Kindle and Sony Reader making this kind of technology more and more available, most people are sticking with the traditional. It seems that readers prefer holding a proper book.

Me – I’m a big reader and I love settling down at the end of the day with a nice book. I can’t see myself relaxing in bed with a mini computer! I also do a lot of reading in the bath. There’s not much that relaxes me more than a hot bubble bath, some girly tunes playing and a favourite chick-lit novel! I wouldn’t dare take an iPad into the bath with me – I’d be far too scared that it would slip in the water. At least a book can be dried out.

But I can see that e-books would come in handy. For example, if I go away on a beach holiday I usually pack piles and piles of trashy novels to enjoy while I’m sunbathing. It’s always hard to pick out what I’m going to read and carrying four or five books in my suitcase always eats into my precious weigh allowance. Having an e-book would be great. Likewise, when travelling by train or plane it would be much handier than carrying a hefty hardback.

Will the iPad change the way we read, much like the iPod has changed the way we listen to music? I look back to when I was a teenager, before the age of the MP3, and I can’t believe I even managed to listen to music on the go – carrying round a portable CD player and a case full of different CDs. Now I carry my entire music collection on a contraption smaller than my palm.

Perhaps in ten years or so I will look back to my life nowadays in disbelief – thinking of all the books on my shelf. As for now, I can’t imagine even owning any sort of e-book. There’s something special about buying a crisp new book; or picking up an old favourite with a creased spine and dog eared pages, that would be lost if this new technology took over. Maybe I sound like an old lady reminiscing about the olden days, but when it comes to books, I think they’re fine the way they are.