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I got a bit of deja vu when I read that Paris Hilton had been arrested for drug possession. It was only a few months ago that she was found with cannabis on her in South Africa. When will she learn?

I used to think she put on her dumb blonde persona and she was actually a secret genius but now I have no doubt that she’s just thick! She’s spent time behind bars before – so you’d reckon that would put her back on the right side of the law (or at least make her a little more discreet with her class A usage).

Chances are she’ll be let off and in a few months will be having yet another mugshot taken!


The most traumatising news in celebland since Katie and Peter split came this week as Spencer ‘Pratt by name, prat by nature’ revealed that he and Heidi Montag have a sex tape and he wants to release it!


I would prefer to eat my own leg than watch those two going at it!

Heidi is reportedly horrified, but according to some sources she’s actually in on it too! to be honest, I would sooo not be surprised if that were the case as Spencer and Heidi are the kind of people who would spit on their own grandmothers if it meant it would get their faces on TV.

I reckon it’s about time the media boycotted them!