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Heidi Montag has shocked the gossip world after revealing she had 10 plastic surgery procedures and almost died of them last November.

The fame-whore, who became a zeleb after appearing on The Hills, is no stranger to plastic surgery. But she has now sparked fears that she is obsessed with going under the knife after showing off her new face and body in an American magazine.

Dr. Frank Ryan, who performed her 2007 surgery, claims she actually had 30 procedures, including botox and breast augmentation.

She is now barely recognisable, with sky-high eyebrows and big boobs. Even her cheekbones look more refined.

She has also claimed that she almost died after the surgery. “I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did and my breathing was five breaths per minute which is like almost dead.”

“The nurses … had to put oxygen on my face and called my plastic surgeon to come in for an emergency.”

However Dr. Ryan denies that this happened.

Many are concerned that Heidi could be becoming addicted to plastic surgery. Tom Horvath, a psychologist who operates an addiction treatment centre in La Jolla, California, disagrees: ‘”Even though you had ten surgeries in one day, that doesn’t seem very far down the continuum [of addiction].”

To me, the most shocking part of this story is the fact that 23 year old Heidi has already had botox.

At 23, surely the only wrinkles you get are the odd crinkle around the eyes when you smile? Surely no-one would even consider it, let alone get it, before they’re at least in their late 30’s or early 40’s and start noticing a few lines?

Not that I even understand the obsession with botox. Why inject yourself with poison, freezing your face until no-one can tell what mood you’re in because you constantly look surprised?

Simply looking younger won’t help you when you start getting aches and pains from old age. It won’t save you from alzheimers, dementia, arthritis, diabetes or cancer. Will having skin like a 20 year old make you feel any better when you can’t move without a walking stick and need assistance to get in and out of the bath? No.

Heidi has said she had her surgery to remain c0mpetitive in showbusiness, as her album, ironically named Superficial, only sold 700 copies. And she’s already considering another boob job to take her up to a whopping H Cup (the H is for Heidi, by the way).

It’s a pity really. All that money spent on surgery, but it can’t buy her the two things she really needs – talent or brains!