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It’s freezing cold outside, it still gets dark by 5pm, and the excitement of the Christmas break is well and truly a distant memory. Luckily although outside may be cold and dreary, there’s a bright new TV obsession for me to enjoy in the shape of Glee.

If you haven’t heard of the new musical comedy show, currently showing on E4 on Monday evenings, you must be living in a cave, as it has taken the world by storm. It became on of Twitter’s most talked about telly shows last year after the first season was shown in the U.S, has won a Golden Globe, and has now taken the UK by storm, with their cover of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ reaching the top 10 last Sunday.

The show follows the Glee club of an American high school, as they face the perils of secondary school life from bullies to boyfriends, interspersed with lively performances of songs ranging from Amy Winehouse’s Rehab to Kanye West’s Goldigger. It’s like High School Musical, but cool enough for anyone over 12 to admit they like, and filled with witty one-liners.

With it’s catchy tunes, bright costumes, and funny storylines, Glee is the perfect way to chase away those January blues!